Cibachrome Photograph of Timothy Leary, photographed by Dean Chamberlain. [1998].

Leary, Timothy. Cibachrome Photograph of Timothy Leary photographed by Dean Chamberlain. Hollywood, CA: 1998. No. 11 of 40 copies. Psychedelic colors, measuring 15” x 19”. Mounted on aluminum. The process required Leary to sit still for quite some time; he is pictured in the living room of his Hollywood home. Many of his favorite possessions are seen including "TL" by Ed Ruscha, "Weeping Woman" by Keith Haring, two large marble eggs, his Egyptian hookah, a wooden riser painted as an American flag, and a large red blow-up of a human being's central nervous system. Signed in black marker on verso by both Timothy Leary and Dean Chamberlain. Association: This was acquired by Dr. Lee when visiting his friend Dr. Leary at the time, as they were colleagues at Harvard. Quite collectible.