(Slides) Visit to China in 131 Kodak Color 35mm slides. [1978].

Visit to Beijing and Guangzhou, China in summer of 1978:  One hundred & thirty one 35mm Kodak slides of Panda, Ping Pong, Nursery School, Forbidden Palace, Great Wall.  Details:  Panda in zoo (five of this panda), Forbidden Temple, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Silk Factory, Glassblowing, Tea Harvest, Ming Tombs, Pearl River, Medical College and bloody surgery performed, Arts & Crafts Factory w/ propaganda mural outside, nursery school w/ children at desks - large portrait of Mao on wall, farms seen when traveling by train, Ping Pong table w/ its net and table made of stone, boat ride on the Pearl River, 100’s of bicycles parked on street, people reading newspapers posted on wall outside, shops & markets.  Photographer unknown, unidentified.  Sm handwriting on each slide, generally Good condition.  Very moving.