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The Cook’s Bookcase: A Book Lover & Chef’s Dream

If you love books, you can imagine how fun it would be to have a bookshop all to yourself. Liz Pollock, owner of the Cook’s Bookcase, let me live that dream by inviting me into her cozy home store that specializes in food literature of all kinds. Having grown up with food (“Julia Child was my babysitter,” she joked), Pollock has brought her love for food, print, and community together to create her store.
A culinary enthusiast and book lovers dream...

A culinary enthusiast and book lovers dream…

The books span topics from seaweed (a whole BOOK about seaweed!), to French cooking, to local cooks like Gayle and Joe Ortiz of Gayle’s Bakery. Pollock stressed that she wants people to USE her books, even if they are classics or collectables. Her dream is that the books she sells will help people learn to cook. After getting a little help finding the right book, I decided to do just that.

My book of inspiration

My book of inspiration…

I grabbed some beets from Live Oak Farmers Market, and set out to make oregano biscuits and beets with tahini.

How beautiful is this leafy dough?

How beautiful is this leafy dough?

Being my first time cooking with beets, it didn’t take long for me to really get the whole “turning beet red” phrase. I just kept thinking, “Wow, my hands really are BEET RED!” It was reminiscent of the first time I got the whole, “it’s like learning how to ride a bike,” thing.

Delicious, fresh and inspired!

Delicious, fresh and inspired!

There were a couple mistakes along the way (like realizing that I had used the wrong measuring cup, only after blaming the recipe for not using enough flour. Everyone does that, right?), but in the end I had a delicious meal. If Liz Pollock’s hope is for people to learn to make great food from her books, then I like to think that in a small way I helped to realize that dream.

The Cook’s Bookcase is a fantastic place to find unique and inspiring recipes that can make any seasoned or aspiring chef shine. Explore books full of recipes, techniques & information on gastronomy & wine that will bring your kitchen to life and introduce new flavors into your home. Let new recipes impress your holiday guests or find a one-of-a-kind gift for any book lover or aspiring chef on your list. Shop online here and begin browsing the aisles!


Written by Liz Pollock — November 17, 2014