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Listen in! Sept. 20, 2020 - Part 2 of recent podcast w/ hosts Denise Vivaldo & Cindie Flannigan "Women Beyond a Certain Age"... so much fun talking about the restaurant industry!


Featured - Virtual Event "Taking Care of History" - Bookshop Santa Cruz Sept. 20, 2020!

Bookshop Santa Cruz hosted a Virtual Event: To watch, just register, then you can view the whole Crowdcast presentation, or skip to 45 mins. to watch my presentation on "Lost Restaurants of Santa Cruz County." It was live on Sept. 10, 2020, but will be available to view anytime! link below

Featured on Podcast - "Women Beyond a Certain Age" - Sunday Aug 16, 2020!

Sunday 8/16/2020 - Listen in while I join Denise Vivaldo to talk about Cocktails and my career as a Bartender. Part 1 of 2 podcasts featuring my research for my book "Lost Restaurants of Santa Cruz County."



We're featured in this month's issue of Edible Monterey Bay magazine! Kathryn McKenzie interviewed me about my book "Lost Restaurants of Santa Cruz County." It's got a huge circulation! 


I'm featured in the Good Times weekly newspaperyou can read Wallace Baine's article and review of my book "Lost Restaurants of Santa Cruz County" here:


Link to Ruth Reichl's blog, which featured the Cook's Bookcase in a recent post, "Cooking the Books."

As Ms. Reichl says, "I appreciate the quirkiness of the collection. And, I might add, the fairness of the prices."


 Santa Cruz County Visitors Center, November 17, 2014.  

"The Cook's Bookcase: A Book Lover and Chef's Dream."

Interview & Photographs by Megan Svensson.

 "If you love books, you can imagine how fun it would be to have a bookshop all to yourself. Liz Pollock, owner of the Cook’s Bookcase, let me live that dream by inviting me into her cozy home store that specializes in food literature of all kinds. Having grown up with food (“Julia Child was my babysitter,” she joked), Pollock has brought her love for food, print, and community together to create her store..." Link to read the article

 The Santa Cruz Sentinel Newspaper, "Santa Cruz County Stories."  December 08, 2013.

Interview by Jennifer Squires, Photograph by Shmuel Thaler.

download a pdf of the article

San Jose Mercury News, April 19, 2014.

The Seasoned Collector, "Cookbook Alert".  By Steven Wayne Yvaska.

Widely acclaimed antiques and collectibles authority Steven Yvaska, author of "The Seasoned Collector" column in the Mercury News, recently wrote about our bookstore!

Last month, Clarissa Dickson Wright died at the age of 66. Dickson Wright, as some of you may recall, was the heftier of the "Two Fat Ladies" -- a widely watched BBC show about cooking sinfully decadent, delectable food.  The series, popular in the 1990s on both sides of the Atlantic, spawned a number of cookbooks eagerly sought after by collectors.

One possible source for works by Dickson Wright is the Cook's Bookcase, an online bookstore headquartered in Santa Cruz. In business since 2007, owner Liz Pollock specializes in ephemera, including out-of-print and author-signed books related to cookery and wine. Details: 831-251-9218, www.cooksbookcase.com.

Link to his column in the San Jose Mercury

Featured as an Edible Notable, Edible Monterey Bay, Winter 2013 Issue. 

"Rare cookbooks ripe for discovery are just a mouse click away."  

Interview by Anina Marcus, Photograph by Michelle Magdalena.

Link to Edible Monterey Or download a pdf of the article.


Featured speaker in "A Feast for the Eyes, Gastronomy & Fine Print".

The Book Club of California, San Francisco, October 25, 2014 Symposium.

"Julia Child: a Well-Thumbed Checklist of Books and Ephemera".  This illustrated talk will feature a selection of rare and collectible cookbooks written by and about the legendary figure of American Cuisine. Julia Child, a native Californian, continues to be a creative force, still relevant for today’s foodies and young chefs. A longtime member of the Junior League, Julia knew the importance of showing her support for charity events. For many years she helped to fundraise for hospitals, schools, and museums, including the San Francisco Museum of Art.

Link to pdf.

Featured in the Watsonville newspaper, the Register-Pajaronian, July 30, 2015 article "A Rare Find."

Interview by Todd Guild, Photographs by Tarmo Hannua.

Featured lecturer for the Culinary Historians of Southern California (CHSC). Held at the Los Angeles Public Library, May 14, 2016.  Forty-eight minute slideshow of books written by and about Julia Child, from the point of view of a bookseller.

“Julia Child: A Well-Thumbed Checklist of Books and Ephemera.”

Link below