Appraisal Service: the Cook's Bookcase

We offer an Appraisal Service of books or collections of books and manuscripts for the following purposes: Insurance reasons; to satisfy estate taxes; for an income tax reduction when a donation is considered appropriate.

I have over 35 years experience researching and evaluating rare books and ephemera and the various markets in which they are sold.  I have attended numerous seminars, exhibitions, shows, and fairs in the United States and have access to current markets, resources and reference guides.  I have appraised many important personal collections of book and papers.  I have regularly exhibited at quality Book fairs and Trade shows in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.  Because of my background, experience, education and membership in professional associations, I am qualified to make appraisals of this type of property; rare books, manuscripts and ephemera pertaining to any subject, including Cookery and Wine.

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