The future of both the brick and mortar and online bookstores concerns me and I hope that you continue to show support for locally owned and operated bookstores. If we don’t carry a title or have it in stock at the moment, let us order it for you from our likewise independent colleagues - we network all the time, or we will order it from the publisher directly, rather than fall back on the knee jerk conglomerate Megabookstore, you know, the one that's run by robots.  

Too often I am hearing that a book (purchased through the Megabookstore) having been described as "Good" has instead arrived in a very different condition. So buyers beware and call us first!  We have more than 35 years of experience and know that bibliography and cataloguing policies are important, and a truthful and fair description of a collectible book is something to be proud of.  

These days, people are looking for "sustainable seafood" and "local produce", so treat yourself to locally bought books as well, because booksellers want to be “sustainable” too!  We live and work in the neighborhood and in your community.

Just like regularly visiting the library, make it a habit of going to your local bookshop; it's a real and personal experience that will last you your whole life.

Written by Liz Pollock — June 05, 2016