[Sold] Unique Collection of 177 Kitchen Appliance Instruction Manuals.

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Collection of Kitchen Appliance Instruction Manuals

[Sold] Comprising 177 ephemeral pieces and representing 75 Types of Appliances small and large, Gas and Electric, that were manufactured in the United States. Ranging from the 1920s to the early 2000s, these manuals reveal wonderful combinations of typefaces, illustrations and photography. Graphic artists and designers are sure to find inspiration in the unique color combinations and typography in these manuals. When one looks closely, the directions are essentially early examples of technical writing. The designers and people expert in using the food processor, deep-fryer or microwave explained the sequence of steps needed to accomplish the desired result. This collection also includes a well-researched list of 108 American Appliance Manufacturing Companies where the factories and foundries were in the USA. These companies employed hundreds of thousands of men and women - good union jobs. These kitchen appliances have helped people from various countries make and prepare their own specific dishes, for example the electric wok, rice cooker, pasta maker, tortilla press, and roti maker. When new appliances such as the food processor and microwave came on the market, established cookbook authors stepped up and figured out how it worked best and then explained how readers could also enjoy this new innovation. Very importantly, their cookbooks helped to promote the appliance and reached out to all consumers regardless of cooking experience. By adding a Spanish translation to the instruction manual (later adding Cantonese, Arabic and other languages) the manufacturers took a big step in the right direction and acknowledged the changing socio-demographics of consumers in America. This collection reflects and honors the continuous contributions of households of color to our nation of homemakers. The manuals have been carefully stored in 4 large binders: all in generally Good condition.