Famous Recipes by Famous People. Compiled by Herbert Cerwin, Illustrated by Paul Whitman. (1936)

Famous Recipes by Famous People. The American Association of Gourmets Presents The Epicurean Delights of Those Who Really Like to Know What to Eat, in the Hope that the Tea Room, the Quick Lunch Counter and the Hamburger Stand Will Take Their Place Along with the Vanishing American and the Forgotten Man. All recipes were tested and sampled by a group of competent gourmets for that specific purpose at Hotel Del Monte. Recipes compiled and commented upon by Herbert Cerwin, Illustrations by Paul Whitman. Monterey, CA: Hotel Del Monte, 1936. 2nd ed. 8vo. 43pp., illust. Color illust. front cover by Paul Whitman, some interior pages are printed on pale green stock. Generally Good. Collectible.