Handwritten Indenture on Vellum. 4, December 1714. Lysle Street, London.

Handwritten Indenture on Vellum. 4, December 1714. Lysle (Lisle) Street, Leicester Square, London. Measures 27" wide by 24" tall, written in black and brown inks.

Relates to the lease of land for 27 years in the area of the North Side of Lysle Street, London, (Leicester Square] by Hon. Charles Egarton to Mr. William Stukeley. £7 per year. Expires 26, March 1751.

Nicely scalloped top edge with a large and elaborate flourish of handwriting of the beginning of the first T and the IContains the motto arranged in an oval "Honi soit qui mal y pense."

Names of people in agreement:

Hon. Charles Egarton

William Stukeley

Thomas Sidney

Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Leicester

Philip Meadows

Lady Gascoyne

John Stubley

Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Leicester

Locations named in agreement:

Leicester Square
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields

St. Ann's of Westminister

47 lines, all legible. Some discoloration along edges and some age-browning, 3" oval natural blemish to vellum, but not brittle, no tears. Usual fold lines. Circular red wax seal measuring half inch with the profile of King George I. Generally Good.

Unique. Suitable for framing.

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