(Los Gatos, CA) Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Cal. REPRODUCTION of a lithograph by C[harles]. B. Gifford. N.d. (ca. 1883. This poster is dated 1966.)

Los Gatos, CA) Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Cal. REPRODUCTION of a chromo-lithograph by C[harles]. B. Gifford. N.d. (ca. 1883) - this poster was printed in 1966. Measuring 18" x 23". This poster is done in black and white and printed on thick stock paper. Accompanied by a descriptive note: "Reproduction of a colored "chromo-lithograph," believed to have been made in about 1883, shows Los Gatos as it was a vantage point over Loma Alta Ave. looking west in Santa Cruz Ave. which is roughly on the same line as the railroad. No exact date is indicated on the print which was probably issued as a community service by the Los Gatos News, established in 1881. The Los Gatos Times-Observer is the successor to the Los Gatos News and in 1966 will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the paper. We hope you enjoy this picture as part of the heritage of Los Gatos. LOS GATOS TIMES-OBSERVER, GEORGE R. KANE, PUBLISHER." Generally Good; suitable for framing. Has been stored flat; will be carefully rolled & shipped via USPS mailing tube.