[Photograph] Record Crop of Sugarbeets, Salinas Valley, CA. [1940]

[Photograph]  Spreckels Sugar Beet Bulletin, [Salinas Valley, CA, n. d., ca. 1940's.]  Photo by Gerald Nordstrom.  B/w, measuring 8" x 10".  Typed insert reads "A new World Record Sugarbeet Crop was established this past season by Salinas Valley Growers, Jon Giannini and Andy Christensen.  Their 30 acre field produced an average of 17,501 lbs. of sugar per acre (62.4 tons of beets @ 14.02 percent sugar).  Pictured with the record amount of sugar are Dr. John McFarlane, U.S.D.A. Scientist who developed the sugarbeet variety used, Jon Giannini, Andy Christensen and Spreckels Sugar Co. Field Supervisor, Harold Voth."  Lightly faded, some discoloration to verso, else Very Good.