Dickens Universe 2017 at UCSC - I am bringing lots of great books!

Held at the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus, this year's Dickens Universe will feature discussion of George Eliot's Middlemarch.  I will be bringing lots of great books & ephemera for sale regarding the history of Food and Drink, travel by train, collecting antiques, contemporary Victorian novels, and of course, some very interesting material relating to Dickens - biographies, his works etc.!  Link below for schedule and more information...


Written by Liz Pollock — July 10, 2017

Great news! We now can pre-order New books!!!

Great news! We now can pre-order New books, featuring all the new releases & best-selling books on cooking, wine and gardening! Let us order these for you - making it easy to have the books shipped directly to your house, or to your business! We can do that! Support your local independent bookseller!
(831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — April 18, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years in Business with the Cook's Bookcase Swim Cap!

Celebrating 10 Years in Business - 2007 - 2017!
You probably all know by now that I love to swim, and so just for fun I designed

the Cook's Bookcase Swim Cap!
Made of silicone and fits like a glove!

For the first 10 customer requests, I will happily send you this new cap, free of charge!

Written by Liz Pollock — February 17, 2017

All Veterans receive a 10% discount!

Food Service/Culinary Specialists in the Military receive a 10% discount!

We appreciate your service and we want to help you build a great library of cookbooks!

Call (831) 251-9218 for more information...

Written by Liz Pollock — February 01, 2017

Santa Cruz Fungus Fair coming in January!

We have lots of books about preparing and cooking with mushrooms; plan on a visit soon!  Call (831) 251-9218 to make an appointment!

43rd Annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair!  More info below...


Written by Liz Pollock — December 31, 2016

Meatless Monday? We have cookbooks just for you...

Going "Meatless Monday"?  We offer many cookbooks featuring vegetarian recipes for side dishes and for salads, and whether exotic or homestyle, they will inspire healthy choices for you and your family.  

Here is an example of a recipe for a Nasturtion [nasturtium] Salad from Grandma Keeler's Housekeeper published circa 1910: "Cut the heart of a large bunch of celery very fine, and add to it one tablespoonful minced parsley and six blades of chives. Mix with a French dressing, then stir lightly the petals of twelve nasturtion blossoms. Put in a salad dish lined with crisp lettuce leaves and garnish with nasturtion leaves."

For more info regarding this book call (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — August 18, 2016