Support Your Local Bookstores! Call us first!

The future of both the brick and mortar and online bookstores concerns me and I hope that you continue to show support for locally owned and operated bookstores. If we don’t carry a title or have it in stock at the moment, let us order it for you from our likewise independent colleagues - we network all the time, or we will order it from the publisher directly, rather than fall back on the knee jerk conglomerate Megabookstore, you know, the one that's run by robots.  

Too often I am hearing that a book (purchased through the Megabookstore) having been described as "Good" has instead arrived in a very different condition. So buyers beware and call us first!  We have more than 35 years of experience and know that bibliography and cataloguing policies are important, and a truthful and fair description of a collectible book is something to be proud of.  

These days, people are looking for "sustainable seafood" and "local produce", so treat yourself to locally bought books as well, because booksellers want to be “sustainable” too!  We live and work in the neighborhood and in your community.

Just like regularly visiting the library, make it a habit of going to your local bookshop; it's a real and personal experience that will last you your whole life.

Written by Liz Pollock — June 05, 2016

Cookbooks in Victorian England

We are now gathering together cookbooks published during 19th Century Victorian England.  Featured are recipes for preparing the food and drink available during that time, with much discussion about Domestic Service.  Also newly acquired are interesting Trade Catalogues for the types of cast-iron stoves used in both city and country households. The engraving represented here is from Mrs. [Maria Eliza] Rundell's A New System of Domestic Cookery, ca. 1800's.  You will also find listed many scholarly books written about this period, well-written and well-researched.  For more information call (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — April 13, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! James Beard's Recipe for Corned Beef!

You will find the best recipe for Corned Beef, and other classic dishes in his book, James Beard's American Cookery.  Published in 1972, reprinted many times, with illustrations by Earl Thollander.  Includes a recipe for "New England Boiled Dinner" with carrots, potatoes, turnips, and cabbage; plus (for any leftovers) his delicious recipe for "Corned Beef Hash."  To order, (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — March 14, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!

We offer many unusual cookbooks written about the techniques of cooking Chinese cuisine; a highlight in our collection is the following item:  (To order call (831) 251-9218) 

Chinese Culinary in Plain English.  By W[illiam]. Sou San.  Brisbane, Australia:  Self-published, 1952.  2nd edition, enlarged.  8vo.  Title includes red & black Chinese calligraphy, 104pp., profusely illustrated, recipes.  Blue & off-white illustrated self-wraps., covers slightly rubbed, age-soiled, tape present along spine, ffe cut away, penmarks in margin "Good", some grease stains to pages, else generally condition is tight, Good.  Contains a recipe for Cuttlefish or Squid; "The Australians are unaccustomed to this dish and more or less detest it for culinary purposes, using it mainly as bait for angling.  In the East it is a delicacy." Very Rare.

Chinese Culinary in Plain English


Written by Liz Pollock — February 07, 2016

A Classic, published in 1953, pruning and mulching advice from the gardening expert!

Well-written advice for all us of gardeners!  Gardeners All in California, by Albert Wilson. 1953.  Signed by author at title.  Lots of garden plans and sensible suggestions from an early proponent of organic gardening.  The author, a landscape architect and botanist, for many years hosted a popular radio program in the SF Bay Area "How Does Your Garden Grow?" For information and to order (831) 251-9218



Written by Liz Pollock — January 07, 2016

Give them a Gift Certificate from the Cook's Bookcase!

Shopping for someone else but not quite sure what to give them?

Give them the gift of choice with a Gift Certificate from the Cook's Bookcase! 

Delivered by email and contain simple instructions to redeem them at checkout, easy!

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and never expire.

For more information call us (831) 251-9218, or email

Written by Liz Pollock — December 18, 2015

"Lebkuchen", or Christmas Honey cakes!

Traditional in Germany, and similar to gingerbread, these large festive cookies are made in a variety of ways: with honey, lots of spices, almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts, citron or cherries, molasses, etc. then iced with a simple royal icing and a Christmas Wish!  

Recipes found in F. L. Gienandt's excellent book for the hotel confectioner, The Twentieth Century Baker, 1927.  Call to order (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — December 07, 2015

I am now a proud member of… The Northern California Booksellers Association!

I am now a proud member of…

The Northern California Booksellers Association!

Declaration of Independents

As cities, towns, and neighborhoods deal with the changing landscape of their local business community, we, the independent booksellers of California, reaffirm our commitment to our communities. Independent bookstores value our place in the community, as well as our ongoing connections within it. We’d like to offer some other defining thoughts about independent bookstores.

Independent booksellers talk with our customers directly and enjoy fulfilling—even exceeding—their expectations, whether its recommending a great book we’ve just read, or helping you discover new or little known authors or publishers.

Independent bookstores have an onsite owner—we’re right there answering questions and making decisions, rather than relying on a corporate office, thousands of miles away.

Independent booksellers are leaders in the fight against censorship and other threats to freedom of expression.

Independent bookstores reflect the character of our communities. We support local causes. We participate in and fund community activities. We patronize other local businesses and keep our money in the community.

Our mission is “To promote the vitality, diversity and prosperity of independent bookselling as essential to the life of our communities and crucial to the dissemination of ideas in society.”                                                           

Written by Liz Pollock — November 05, 2015