Photographs of Peking in 1920!

I just recently acquired a spectacular book of 66 photogravures of 1920 Peking by Donald Mennie, Pageant of Peking, showing its beautiful architecture, bridges, temples, monks, shopfronts, camels and long, wide roads.  Dreamy and Very Special!   Limited edition, #620 of 1,000 copies.  Please call for more information (831) 251-9218...

Written by Liz Pollock — May 17, 2014

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere!

The Joy of Cooking remains a standard reference on the kitchen counter and a special place at the Cook’s Bookcase. My mom’s copy (the 1943 edition) has all her notes and suggestions of “goes well with” in the margins.   Her reminders continue to help with timing a dinner too: for instance, in the recipe for Yorkshire Pudding (a favorite) she has underlined the part where Irma says to allow the batter to “stand for 1 hour.” Covers rubbed, pages grease-stained, and... Much-Loved!

Written by Liz Pollock — May 05, 2014

Collecting Antiques...

“Is it genuine? Is it valuable?”

Let us be your resource for books on Identifying & Collecting Antiques: learn the many different styles and periods, the influential designers & craftsmen, and all the historical significances.

“Antiquing” can be a lifelong hobby – let our reference books help you make it a Lucrative Investment!

Reference Books on Silver, China & Porcelain, Ceramics, Textiles, Rugs, Glass, The Export Trade, Furniture, Lacquerware, Decorative Art and Design. In addition, we offer books on how to care for your fine pieces.

Call us (831) 251-9218 or email

Written by Liz Pollock — April 28, 2014

Newly Arrived!

We are constantly acquiring new material - well, actually Rare and Out-of-Print, but “new” to our store! Posted for just a short time, and then redirected to appropriate shelves and collections. Keep checking back and discover What’s New on the shelves of the Cook’s Bookcase…  Call us (831) 251-9218 or email


Written by Liz Pollock — April 25, 2014

Tavern On The Green due to Reopen on April 24, 2014!

The Central Park destination Tavern On The Green is slated to reopen on April 24, 2014!  

Opening day brunch is sold out (naturally) but the Cook's Bookcase offers a vintage Summer Dinner 

Menu from the early 1980's!  Lots of memories!


Written by Liz Pollock — April 11, 2014

Spring Garden Ideas!

Spring Break is the time for pulling on garden gloves, grabbing rakes and collecting fresh ideas!

The book “Making a Garden of Small Fruits” by F. F. Rockwell, published in 1914, includes much information about planting raspberries, currants, gooseberries and pear trees.

Let our selection of rare and unique books help with your garden plans!

the Cook’s Bookcase has lots of books about the history of seeds, greenhouses, conditioning the soil and planning for the growing season… Plan a visit soon to lovely Santa Cruz!


Written by Liz Pollock — March 28, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Pictured is a still life from an Irish kitchen, showing a round of wheaten bread, soda farls (divided into fourths), scones, boxty pancakes (potato pancakes) as well as an old iron griddle and harnen stand (oatcake toaster) alongside the modern frying pan.  From our copy of “Talking About Cakes with an Irish and Scottish Accent,” by Margaret Bates.  A well-written cookbook with recipes for a variety of scones, caraway seed cake etc., with interesting background information and provenance.  Come browse our bookcases here in beautiful Santa Cruz!  (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — March 16, 2014

Saint Joseph's Day Table - A Traditional Feast!

Saint Joseph’s Day (March 19) is celebrated as a form of devotion and is well known as a first-class annual feast brought to America by Sicilian immigrants. the Cook’s Bookcase has found an interesting book that describes the ritual in detail.

Old Ties, New Attachments, Italian-American Folklife in the West.  Edited by David A. Taylor. (1992.) The book contains many photographs of traditional Saint Joseph’s Tables “laden-with-food."


(Photo courtesy of Josephine Martellaro; the story of her altar and Saint Joseph's Table can also be found on the Library of Congress website.)

Written by Liz Pollock — March 09, 2014

Food, a subject for an art museum? What a wonderful show!

I just saw the current exhibit Around the Table: food, creativity, community at the San Jose Museum of Art and absolutely loved it!   From food trucks to molecular gastronomy, this is an exciting multi-media art show, showcasing the agricultural history of the Santa Clara Valley and offering new artistic approaches of growing, cooking, and eating our food. Through April 20, 2014.



Written by Liz Pollock — March 06, 2014

Sa Majesté Le Beurre!

Butter, there is no replacement for it!  Featured is a superb example of graphic illustration from the mid-1950’s.  The pamphlet is written in French and includes recipes for sauces and special pastries.  

Please browse our selection of collectible ephemera, photographs, letterheads, and bills of lading!  Own a piece of history!


Written by Liz Pollock — February 19, 2014