The issue of Anti-Racism matters to me as a person and as a businesswoman.

I do Not discriminate against customers based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, or religion. 

I also strongly believe in the Freedom to Read, but want to make clear that as a bookseller operating in the public sphere that it is my policy to Not actively buy, sell or trade any material which promotes Racism or Hate towards any group.

As a bookseller I love what I do - I love the conversations I have with customers about preparing food, collecting recipes, family traditions, reaching out to people world wide!  I sell books, manuscripts and ephemeral material to patrons through the store’s website, at various book fairs, and when people visit the store by appointment.    

Written by Liz Pollock — August 16, 2014

August is the time for Jam-Making!

We have lots of books about making your own preserves and jams; with suggestions for equipment needed, precautions ensuring safety, and at the same time having fun in the kitchen with your family.  

Featured here is one in the series of Mrs. Beeton's in Uniform Volumes.  Mrs. Beeton's Jam-Making.  Including Preserves, Marmalades & Pickles and Home-made Wines.  The 1925 London edition with 400 recipes.  More info, (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — August 12, 2014

Gilroy Garlic Festival!

Looking forward to the 36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, July 25-27th, 2014!

The Cook’s Bookcase has lots of books featuring the winning recipes from this fantastic food festival; flaming entrees, side dishes, salads, and yes, desserts!

One past poster says it all...

More info:

Written by Liz Pollock — July 19, 2014

Celebrate Bastille Day with a Rare Book!

Where Paris Dines. With Information About Restaurants of All Kinds, Costly and Cheap, Dignified and Gay, Known and Little Known, and How to Enjoy Them. Together with A Discussion of French Wines and A Table of Vintages by A Distinguished Amateur. By Julian Street.  London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1929. 8vo. Frontis., decorated title, xiv, 321pp., sm amusing woodcut illustrations as headings, 44pp. (!) discussion of wine, vocabulary, indices, sm Parisian bookseller’s label present. Royal clue cloth, orange lettering on spine & front cover, yellow endpapers. Covers faded & rubbed, edges aged, else Good.  Includes a wine list (1900 – 1928) in the form of a chart which is to be cut out and “carried in your notebook”.  $72.00                              Call to order (831) 251-9218

Written by Liz Pollock — July 14, 2014

Thought-provoking Photography Exhibit!

Yesterday I visited The Photography of Modernist Cuisine at The Tech Museum in downtown San Jose.

Nathan Myhrvold and his team have zoomed up to blueberries, kernels of rice, slowed down the cracking of a fried egg as well as the mesmerizing process of coffee grinding.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the cut-aways of a Viking range, microwave oven, blender and pressure cooker.  This exhibit is free through September 1st.

Written by Liz Pollock — July 10, 2014

It's Cocktail Time!

Relax outside with a refreshing summertime cocktail, like the ones found in this little illustrated book published in the 1970’s. “Shake it, Baby! Fun Recipes for Favorite Drinks.” I like it because it’s illustrated in the typical “Mod” color palette…

the Cook’s Bookcase offers lots of books on wine, beer and spirits. Come by and visit, call (831) 251-9218.

Written by Liz Pollock — July 07, 2014

Backyard-style Barbeque Ribs, thanks to Sam Choy!

The great Sam Choy’s Island Cuisine Recipes are so wonderful, featuring some fantastic BBQ sauces and marinades!  His mom Claire inscribed our copy of The Choy of Cooking, with photography by Douglas Peebles.  We offer many books about the different Hawaiian cooking styles and traditions. Come visit and browse our selection of regional American cookbooks!  Call to make an appointment, (831) 251-9218.

Written by Liz Pollock — June 26, 2014

D-Day, June 6, 1944, 70th Anniversary

We salute the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944!

the Cook’s Bookcase offers many books on the subject: highlighting of course the importance of all the men and women who prepare the food for the Armed Forces.

Paul Dickson’s well-written 1978 book “Chow, A Cook’s Tour of Military Food” is a classic, and is illustrated with many interesting photos and recipes.  Call (831) 251-9218 to order!

Written by Liz Pollock — May 29, 2014

Photographs of Peking in 1920!

I just recently acquired a spectacular book of 66 photogravures of 1920 Peking by Donald Mennie, Pageant of Peking, showing its beautiful architecture, bridges, temples, monks, shopfronts, camels and long, wide roads.  Dreamy and Very Special!   Limited edition, #620 of 1,000 copies.  Please call for more information (831) 251-9218...

Written by Liz Pollock — May 17, 2014

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere!

The Joy of Cooking remains a standard reference on the kitchen counter and a special place at the Cook’s Bookcase. My mom’s copy (the 1943 edition) has all her notes and suggestions of “goes well with” in the margins.   Her reminders continue to help with timing a dinner too: for instance, in the recipe for Yorkshire Pudding (a favorite) she has underlined the part where Irma says to allow the batter to “stand for 1 hour.” Covers rubbed, pages grease-stained, and... Much-Loved!

Written by Liz Pollock — May 05, 2014